How one Palestinian served as an agent of reconciliation

Altamont Reformed Church raises money to purchase blankets for refugees and disaster victims.

Churches are partnering with Fostering Futures NY to help foster families.


The Regional Synod of Albany equips its churches to protect children from sexual assault and abuse.

Kinderhook Reformed Church provides baby clothing for low-income mothers who deliver at the local hospital.

After Hurricane Irene decimated the area’s only playground, Schoharie Reformed built a new one.

We learned that how we show up defines each of us as a person and as a leader.

What does a bilingual summer camp program look like? At Camp Fowler, it was life-changing. 

Despite some arguments to the contrary, short-term mission trips can be positive experiences for both visitors and hosts. 

Our faith directs us to be champions for the voiceless, including the natural environment. Many Christians have adopted “green” habits as a result of their faith.