The conference helped churches engage in their multicultural ministry context in New Jersey; it focused on white privilege and giving voice to the voiceless.

South Branch Reformed Church’s youth group helps kids in need celebrate birthdays.

Bogart Memorial, already a multiethnic congregation, is working with RCA Church Multiplication to plant a Hispanic congregation within the church.

Friends to Friends Community Church makes a point to have as few barriers to worship as possible. 

Assessing the health of established churches in the Classis of Delaware-Raritan strengthens their ministry.

What do the Vatican and a few New Jersey churches have in common? Solar energy.

The bread baked in an ethnic bread-making class showcases the diversity of the body of Christ.

Bethany Devos’s church was already working toward renewal, but she was looking for something to guide the process. She found that framework in Ridder Church Renewal.

It reads like a modern-day parable: unexpected guests, and somehow the food was enough to go around. 

At the Warwick Center, spiritual transformation doesn’t happen all at once.