Three years after a flood in Detroit, disaster response volunteers help a homeowner cope with black mold.

It’s been more than two months since Hurricane Harvey kicked off a series of several destructive hurricanes in the Atlantic. 

Following the passing away of Mrs. Helen J. DeVos, Rev. Don Poest (Interim General Secretary of the Reformed Church in America) and Dr. Steven Timmermans (Executive Director of the Christian Reformed Church in North America) issued this joint statement:

The Great Lakes Region welcomes its new executive. 

One delegate’s experience at the World Communion of Reformed Churches’ 2017 General Council.

A look at life in the RCA. 

The Reformed Church in America is now accepting applications from persons interested in serving as the denomination’s next general secretary. 

Just 11 days apart, Mexico was hit with two powerful earthquakes, which killed and trapped hundreds of people beneath the rubble of toppled buildings. 

RCA general secretary Tom De Vries has accepted a new position as president and CEO of the Willow Creek Association. He will conclude his service with the denomination on June 15.

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