Spring 2017

Stewardship isn’t a financial issue. It’s about discipleship.

Tom De Vries offers some parting thoughts on unity and the gospel in his final column as general secretary.

What we can learn from Jesus’ encounter with the woman caught in adultery

A Navy family decides putting down roots is a priority—and reaps the benefits.

What matters to millennials might be different than you think.

Lou Lotz reflects on the difficulty of life in North America for people experiencing homelessness.

Friends to Friends Community Church makes a point to have as few barriers to worship as possible. 

You might think a ministry for people with life-threatening illnesses would be a somber gathering. But that’s not the case for Overcomers, a ministry of Faith Church (RCA) in Dyer, Indiana.

In Northwest Iowa, churches are spurring each other on to better discipleship. 

How the process of Faithwalking inspired a new approach to ministry.