Transformed & Transforming

Churches in three Midwest states provide school supplies for 561 children.

Youth from across the Synod of the Heartland participated in mission opportunities this summer that made an impact both nationally and globally. 

Consider volunteering with Immerse in Lincoln, Nebraska.

College student Jordan Saddoris invites others to embrace God’s forgiveness and turn from their sin.

Make an impact in your neighborhood. Start with a MissionInsite report from Church Multiplication.

The bread baked in an ethnic bread-making class showcases the diversity of the body of Christ.

After damage to its building, church reflects on its purpose in the community.

Uniformity we can do without—but not unity.

Christine Van Farowe helps manage the finances of a man with schizophrenia. He has taught her a lot.

General Secretary Tom De Vries invites readers to ponder their spiritual leaders.