Transformed & Transforming

Brian Bruxvoort logs about 6,000 miles every month—in the air.

By teaching youth to farm, bake, and sell their wares, New City Neighbors equips them to change Grand Rapids.

It’s Wednesday night, and artist Michael Moss is at an easel. His pencil strokes bring life to the page—a fist, a muscled arm, a cape.

Salama Warner used to keep up with the Kardashians; now she’s helping the church keep up with its youth.

As Bruce and Laurie Hawley retire, hybrid disaster response sites build on their work.

A New York church comes up with a creative solution in order to include all members of its congregation. 

A Colorado pastor takes a look at what transformational discipleship can look like in a small church. 

The church lawn at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Clinton, Wisconsin, looks a little more colorful this year.

Bethany Devos’s church was already working toward renewal, but she was looking for something to guide the process. She found that framework in Ridder Church Renewal.

God at work through kohlrabi, the Called campaign, a volunteer toolkit, church multiplication practices, and local mission.