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A Question of Faith

An active, honest engagement of the Christian life by RCA members is responsible for the longstanding popularity of the Church Herald's Question of Faith column. For decades, RCA members have been submitting their questions under a wide variety of topics dealing with issues of faith, theology, church government, biblical interpretation, etc.

If you have a question about living the Christian life, a Reformed understanding of our faith, how the Reformed Church in America functions, or why we do what we do in the church, you're not alone. Search the topics that have been addressed over the years by Jack Cherry, Jackie Smallbones, and Gregg Mast; or, submit a new question, along with any background you believe would be helpful in understanding it, to questions@rca.org (subject line: Question of Faith), and Jack Cherry and Jackie Smallbones will add it to their list.

Please check back later as we add both old and new questions and answers to this area.

The Rev. Jack Cherry is pastor of Clover Hill Reformed Church in Hillborough, New Jersey.

The Rev. Dr. Jackie Smallbones is professor of religion and Christian education at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa.

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