South Bushwick Reformed Church

Brooklyn, New York

A historic RCA church in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, South Bushwick seeks to be a light to its community. The church building was damaged by a storm several years ago and since then the congregation is working to repair their building and to move outward into ministry in their community. Your team can partner with this church to help share the hope of Christ to their neighbors.

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South Bushwick Reformed Church
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Volunteer opportunities: 

Volunteer teams are needed to help with various repair work in the church building, including roof and window repair, electrical work, and painting. Also, teams are needed to help repair the parsonage including the electrical, plumbing, flooring, and various other projects. Groups are encouraged to have someone with experience in the areas of construction, electrical work, or plumbing, but the church does have professionals available to support teams without those specific skills.


Volunteers will sleep in the fellowship hall of the church building. There are four bathrooms and two showers. Volunteers will need to bring sleeping bags and air mattresses. A kitchen is available for the group to prepare their own meals.

Group size: 
Group size - maximum: 
Cost notes: 

Varies based on project and materials needed.

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New York City

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If you would like to learn more about the RCA's volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups, please get in touch with us.

The best way to reach our team is to email or call (616) 698-7071. One of the members of our team will be able to connect with you right away.

Stephanie Soderstrom

Coordinator for Volunteer Engagement

Molly Towne

Volunteer Placement Specialist

Erika Spykman

Administrative Assistant

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