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Tadesse Brings Reconciliation to South Sudan

Home to millions of Christians, South Sudan—the world's newest nation—is wracked by intertribal violence and by tension with Sudan, its predominantly Muslim neighbor.Abdi, Shelvis and Students

Abdi Tadesse, an expert in Christian-Muslim relations, recently visited South Sudan to provide training at a center for reconciliation called RECONCILE Peace Institute.

Tadesse is supported by RCA Global Mission in partnership with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus as he teaches Christian-Muslim relations at a seminary in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

"My time [at RECONCILE] was so inspiring," he says. "I gave training on Non-violent Faith-based Philosophy and Practice to 10 students—pastors and evangelists, including a bishop. I learned a lot from the participants and the staff. As we are neighboring countries, we have many similarities and have experienced many of the same situations.

"RECONCILE brings people a sense of healing, peace, reconciliation, civic education, and most importantly, hope. I learned from the students how the churches are managing at present, following so many years of devastation and despair. I hope I will be able to return one day and learn more from them."

Learn about ways to support teaching Christian-Muslim relations in Ethiopia at

Posted 12/04/12

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