Last year, I was just a small freshman with little to no influence. But our God likes to work through the lowly.

By Hank Puckett

Last year, I was a freshman in high school: bigger school, more people, more options. At first it was really exciting. But then my eyes started to be opened to all of the hurt, depression, anger, and lack of hope that people I sat next to every day had on their faces. I didn’t know what to do or how to help. After all, I was just a small freshman with little to no influence. But our God likes to work through the lowly.

One night I got a call from my friend Justin. He introduced me to something called the Campus Movement. It was for students to see God and let him work in their high school. We started a group at our school where students can come every week and learn about a God who cares for them, even when the world around them doesn’t.

Growing up at Meredith Drive Reformed Church, I have always been surrounded by a God who gives me a hope and direction. And recently God has decided that it is time for me to spread the good news. During an impactful trip to Haiti, I had the opportunity to distribute just a few Bibles to the Haitians. Not many of them have access to Bibles in their language and many of the churches only have a few, if any. As I walked down the street, people would ask for Bibles. They were searching for a hope, and that was something I had the answer to.

God then really started to do some cool stuff. He placed people and resources in my life that could have only been the work of God. A couple of my friends and I started a non-profit organization with the goal of raising money to purchase Bibles for the people of Haiti—Bibles in their language, Creole. We called the organization “h8i” because, in Haiti, each Bible costs eight American dollars.

Our goal is to have the great commission be fulfilled within our generation. We don’t claim to be excellent preachers, missionaries, or business people; we just claim to know a God that will take care of his children. Learn more about h8i at

Hank Puckett is a member of Meredith Drive Reformed Church in Des Moines, Iowa.