General Synod

The 2020 General Synod is scheduled for June 11-16, 2020, on the campus of Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa.

Coronavirus update: General Synod will proceed as planned, though the General Synod officers and the general secretary continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19. 

Resources for General Synod:


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Meet the Vice Presidential Candidates

Delegates nominated Phil Assink, Dale Buettner, Brad Kautz, and Patricia Sealy for the office of General Synod vice president.

Church Multiplication Has Much to Celebrate

General Synod celebrated the organization of three new RCA churches and 21 new congregation plans

EJ de Waard Voted President-Elect

“I promise to serve you, I promise to listen, I promise to speak in truth, obviously in the command of love,” he told delegates.

BCO To Give Direction to Affiliated Churches

Affiliated churches get added to the Book of Church Order (pending classis approval), including the possibility of voting privileges at the classis level for ministers ordained in a partner denomination.

GS President's Proposals for Media Channel and Postmodernism Paper Pass

An RCA media channel and a paper on postmodernism are on the way, at the request of president James Nakakihara and affirmed by General Synod 2019.