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Commission on Christian Unity

The Commission on Christian Unity initiates and supervises action with respect to the Reformed Church in America’s membership in or affiliation with ecumenical bodies. It engages in interchurch conversations and appoints ecumenical delegates to other church bodies. It informs the church of current ecumenical developments and advises the church concerning its ecumenical participation and relationships (BCO Chapter 3, Part I, Article 5, Section 3).

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The Commission on Christian Unity was established in 1975, and, in 1977, it was assigned three areas of work: church-to-church matters, ecumenical agencies, and new developments in the Christian church. Before the commission’s creation, this work was handled through a number of different committees such as the Committee on Wider Ecumenicity (1964-1965), the Committee on Church Unity, the Standing Committee on Closer Relations with Other Denominations, the Committee on Approaches to Unity, and a variety of committees and representatives who would relate to ecumenical agencies and other bodies.


The nine members of this commission must include a member from another denomination that has been approved by both General Synod and the general secretary. This member will serve as an ex-officio member, that is, without vote.

Please consider whether service on the Commission on Christian Unity is something to which God is calling you. If it is, provide the Commission on Nominations with information about yourself by completing a profile form.

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