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Racial-Ethnic Councils

The General Synod Council (GSC) has four racial/ethnic councils: the African American Black Council, the Council for Hispanic Ministries, the Council for Pacific and Asian American Ministries, and the Native American and First Nations Ministries Council.

The purpose of these councils is to “express the collective vision and voice of racial and ethnic congregants and congregations as they develop ministries and advocate for policies of racial and ethnic inclusion, economic, social, and racial justice, both within the Reformed Church in America and ecumenically” (BCO Chapter 3, Part I, Article 3, Section 2b).

In addition, the councils “may request racial/ethnic participation in other agencies and commissions of the General Synod. Such requests shall be directed to the General Synod Council which shall consult with the affected agencies and commissions and make recommendations to General Synod. If the request for participation is granted by the General Synod, it shall be implemented by the Commission on Nominations” (BCO Chapter 3, Part I, Article 4, Section 4).