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Council for Hispanic Ministries

The Hispanic Ministries Council is a racial/ethnic council of the General Synod Council (GSC) of the RCA. In addition to being the voice of Hispanic congregants and congregations in the RCA, the council also advocates for policies of inclusion and economic, social, and racial justice.

Goals of the Hispanic Ministries Council

According to the preamble of the bylaws of the Hispanic Ministries Council, the five goals of the council are as follows. First, the members of the council affirm their past, present, and future, as they are convinced that they live and work on this earth as servants of the kingdom of God. Second, they rejoice in, enjoy, and love their ethnic heritage as a gift from God. Third, they celebrate their Hispanic identity, as diverse as it is, because God’s purpose is present in it. Fourth, they strive, in serving Jesus, to show to all people what God’s purpose is in creating different ethnic groups. And finally, they work to show Jesus in all that they do, so others can see Christ in them.


While participating in the Hispanic Ministries Council is optional, all Hispanic RCA ministers of Word and sacrament, commissioned pastors, elders, and deacons are encouraged to join.