Amos Limo Liang'or

About Amos Limo Liang'or

Amos Limo Liang’or grew up among the Pokot people along the Kenya/Uganda border. Because he contracted polio and was unable to help with work at home, he was the only one of his family’s 12 children to attend school. Amos became interested in medicine when he learned that polio can be prevented through immunization. He currently works as a nurse at the Pokot Health Centre in the village of Alale. He says, “As a nurse, I am concerned with more than just my patients’ physical well-being.”

The Pokot rely on the clinic for health services. There they receive prenatal care, immunizations, volunteer counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS, family planning counseling, and treatment for malaria, cholera, broken bones, minor wounds, and other ailments.

Amos serves in partnership with the Africa Inland Church.

Location: Kenya