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Employee Assistance Program

Providing employee benefits reaches far beyond retirement and insurance.  The Board of Benefits Services provides participants with an Employee Assistance Program that covers a wide range of benefits, from free counseling sessions to legal consultation.

To learn all about the benefits included in your employee assistance program, navigate to the description that matches your current employment to learn more.

Man with counselor

Retreat Centers, Therapy Resources, and Spiritual Directors

The following resources have been utilized by other pastors who have received Clergy Revitalization Grants, or have taken similar opportunities for rest of renewal. Many of the retreat centers listed have spiritual directors on staff.

The Board of Benefits services has done a basic assessment of these resources in order to align with RCA policy that all resources and training materials on the RCA website and those recommended to be used by RCA leaders and congregations are to be anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-ableist, egalitarian, and inclusive. However, BOBS cannot verify thoroughly the theology, credentialing, and policies of each resource. 

These resources will be updated periodically, so check back occasionally for updates. 

View list of Retreat Centers, Therapy Resources, and Spiritual Directors