Financial Health

Everyday financial health

Financial health is having the resources you need, confidence in your future, and an ability to live out and model generosity. Pastors who are financially healthy are likely to flourish, while those in financial peril have a proven deficit of wellbeing. You don’t have to go it alone.

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Financial support

RCA clergy, you are not alone. You are worthy of being compensated for the good work that you are doing. The Board of Benefits Services is committed to serving you, so that you flourish in the ways God has called you to serve. Through good stewardship and strategic partnerships, we have a number of funds and initiatives to support pastors and help them to become financially healthy.

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Clergy taxes

There are significant tax benefits for ordained clergy, but the way in which clergy plan for, pay, and file their taxes is complex and full of pitfalls. Let us help make it easier with these resources.

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Getting ready for retirement

Getting ready for retirement can be daunting. After all, you’ve most likely never retired before. Here are some essential tools to help you plan for the next chapter.

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Minister compensation resources

From negotiating the terms of a call to proper administration of benefits, getting clergy compensation right will lay the groundwork for a healthy relationship between a pastor and church. BOBS has tools that are helpful for both clergy and churches.

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