The RCA’s Book of Church Order requires a minister’s employer (whether a church or another organization, in the case of a specialized minister) to provide these benefits to the minister. When a church extends a call to a pastor, the church promises to provide all three kinds of insurance, in addition to contributions to a retirement plan.

Ordained and commissioned pastors actively serving at least 17.5 hours per week are provided with employer-paid group life and long-term disability insurance benefits through the Board of Benefits Services. Ministers who work at least 20 hours per week may enroll in medical and life insurance through the Reformed Benefits Association (RBA).

Long-term disability insurance

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance covers up to two-thirds of your income if you become injured or sick and cannot work for an extended period of time. You may use it toward any expenses you have such as mortgage, utilities, student loans, or credit card debt.

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* BOBS no longer administers long-term care (LTC)  insurance. If you have a question about your LTC policy, contact Unum directly at 866-679-3054.

Basic life insurance

Life insurance offers you peace of mind, so you know your loved ones are financially protected against a sudden loss of income when you pass away.  At a minimum, pastors receive basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance, paid by the employer. (Note that employer-paid life insurance coverage over $50,000 is a taxable benefit to you, the employee.) 

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Voluntary life insurance

Designate your beneficiaries
If you’re enrolled in group life and AD&D insurance, you should designate your beneficiaries. Complete a
Beneficiary Designation Form and return it to BOBS.

Download the Beneficiary Designation Form

What happens to my LTD and life insurance if I am no longer working? 

If you are no longer working, you cannot remain insured through BOBS. Your long-term disability (LTD)  insurance will terminate upon your retirement date. You may continue your life insurance directly with Unum by converting your insurance (changing your group term life to an individual whole life policy) or porting it (changing from the Board of Benefits Services’ group term life to Unum’s group term life). This must be done within 31 days of your termination date. 

One thing to keep in mind: your monthly premium will increase. If you are converting your insurance, your new premium will be based upon the amount of your insurance policy and Unum’s rate for your age. If you are porting your insurance, your new premium will be based upon the amount of your insurance policy and Unum’s group rate. 

For more information, contact BOBS at

Learn more about porting or converting your coverage.

Medical insurance

Group medical insurance is available through the Reformed Benefits Association (RBA). The RBA is a nonprofit corporation established by the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The RBA offers a variety of group medical insurance plans as well as group life insurance, vision, dental and additional supplementary plans. 

Visit the RBA website

The Book of Church Order requires employers to provide insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the minimum standards set by BOBS.

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