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The RCA’s Book of Church Order requires a minister’s employer (whether a church or another organization, in the case of a specialized minister) to provide these benefits to the minister. When a church extends a call to a pastor, the church promises to provide all three kinds of insurance, in addition to contributions to the RCA 403(b) Retirement Program.


Does BOBS administer Long Term Care insurance?

BOBS used to administer a Long Term Care insurance program, but has not administered that program in over ten years. At that time, the insurance company approached BOBS letting us know that they would no longer be offering that program in the future. Many of our participants were allowed at that time to convert their LTC insurance to an individual plan, and pay premiums directly to the insurance company. Many of our participants chose to do that, and still hold LTC insurance. We have found that many mistakenly believe that BOBS still administers that insurance, even though we do not.
If you are currently employed on GSC staff, there is an option to have LTC insurance, but it is a voluntary election and the employee pays the entire cost.
If you currently have that Long Term Care insurance as an individual policy, you may call Unum at any time to get information about your policy at 1-866-679-3054.
For more information, you can also visit their website:


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