Medical Insurance

What is Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance is an individual or family insurance plan that covers a broad range of medical services for a minister and her/his family.  Medical Insurance may be purchased through the Reformed Benefits Association, or a comparable medical insurance provider.  Medi-share programs do not meet the required minimum standards. 

Why Medical Insurance is important

Medical Insurance is a critical employee benefit in the United States economic structure.  Medical insurance covers the majority of the cost for both expected and unexpected medical expenses, giving ministers and their families access to the healthcare they need.  This is a significant part of the holistic care the RCA provides for its ministers. 

Let’s look at an example of how medical insurance can make a difference

Rev. Bruce and his spouse had just moved cross-country after seminary to begin his first call in a congregation. Beyond the anticipation of beginning work, their excitement grew with the expectation of their first child arriving in a few months.

Two weeks after moving into the parsonage, Rev. Bruce’s wife went into labor earlier than expected. Their baby girl was born prematurely that same day. The following weeks were stressful and taxing on the couple, but they received excellent care in the NICU and the baby eventually thrived.

The cost of that stay in the hospital was significant. While the deductible they paid stretched them financially, the medical insurance provided by the church allowed them to get the best care while also allowing the financial impact to be contained. The RCA is committed to making sure medical expenses are manageable for our ministers, and enforcing minimum standards which allow all ministers to have access to quality care. 

Summary of the minimum requirements for medical insurance (2022)

  • Reformed Benefits Association (RBA) Consumer Plan or Equivalent 
  • 80% Coinsurance (80% paid by the insurer, 20% paid by the individual)
  • Individual Deductible: $2,800, Family Deductible: $5,600
  • Maximum In-Network, Out of Pocket cost: Individual-$5,000, Family-$10,000
  • Once out of pocket costs have been met, the plan covers 100% of eligible expenses. 
  • If the minister elects coverage through a spouse’s employer sponsored medical insurance, the church must compensate the minister for any medical premium cost incurred by their immediate family, up to the premium cost of the RBA consumer plan expenses.

Medical insurance

Group medical insurance is available through the Reformed Benefits Association (RBA). The RBA is a nonprofit corporation established by the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The RBA offers a variety of group medical insurance plans as well as group life insurance, vision, dental, and additional supplementary plans. 

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