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Retiree Chaplains Program

The Board of Benefits Services (BOBS), through the assistance program, maintains a network of retired pastors and ordained elders who are geographically spread throughout the United States and Canada. These retired pastors and ordained elders maintain faithful and pastoral contact with retired missionaries who served ten years or more, with retired ministers and their spouses, and with the surviving spouses of ministers. 

The retiree chaplain’s role is not to replace a retiree’s own minister or circle of support but to ensure that the retiree has such a circle of support, including a local church, family connections, and a classis of membership. The retiree chaplain is the primary way for BOBS to identify those who are most in need of assistance. If a crisis arises, the retiree chaplain can facilitate the necessary care and offer suggestions and guidance about how best to provide assistance (financial or otherwise).

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Assistance program

The assistance program provides grants to eligible ministers and their surviving spouses and dependent children. Financial assistance is primarily awarded for needs related to housing and utilities, on-going medical insurance premiums, funeral grants to surviving spouses, retirement contributions for disabled ministers and other emergency needs deemed acceptable by the assistance grant approval team. Missionaries with ten or more years of services and former employees of the Southern Normal School are also eligible for grants from the assistance program. (The RCA operated this boarding school in Brewton, Alabama, for 86 years.)

Assistance applications are for retirees or surviving spouses who need financial assistance. Lay missionaries with at least ten years of service are also eligible for the assistance program.

Applications are available by contacting the retiree chaplain, the BOBS’ office at 866-221-5480, or emailing

The application must be completed by the retiree or an advocate who knows about the retiree’s needs and sent to the BOBS’ office (475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1606, New York, NY 10115), faxed to 833-627-7620, or emailed to The assistance review committee reviews each application and determines if financial assistance will be granted.

The Beekman Memorial Home

The Beekman Memorial Home, located in Bedminster, New Jersey, is a three-apartment, rent-free house for retired RCA ministers. If anyone is interested in staying at the Beekman Home, please contact Lourdes Burke (504-354-5329 or

Assistance Fund

RCA pastors, their spouses, and long-time missionaries give to the church in countless ways. Yet in retirement, some find themselves in extenuating financial circumstances. The Assistance Fund awards grants to retirees or their surviving spouses to help meet critical needs. 

BOBS is responsible for awarding grants. Grants may be provided for housing and utilities, ongoing medical insurance premiums, or other documented financial needs. Retirees or surviving spouses requesting a grant must complete a self-reporting application, which is reviewed by a staff team. Recipients must file an annual reapplication to continue receiving assistance.

In 2014, General Secretary Ed Mulder and wife Luella gave a generous donation to endow the BOBS assistance fund. Every year, proceeds from that endowment contribute to the funding of the assistance fund. If you'd like to donate to the Ed and Luella Mulder Assistance Fund Endowment, click here.

If you know someone who could use a grant from the assistance fund or would like to apply, contact the Board of Benefits Services at 866-221-5480 or email

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With your support, BOBS can continue to assist retirees and their spouses for years to come.

Donate to the Board of Benefits Assistance Fund

Mental health support

The Board of Benefits Services has contracted with Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services to provide free confidential Christian counseling services. Through the Employee Assistance Program, eligible RCA pastors, retirees, denominational staff, missionaries, and their households can receive up to three counseling sessions per issue. 

While Pine Rest has clinics only in Iowa and West Michigan, BOBS works with a network of providers who can provide face-to-face counseling across the U.S. and Canada.

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