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RCA 403(b) Plan

Guide for Lay Participants

Our fax number is: 833-627-7620

Mailing address:
Board of Benefits Services
Reformed Church in America
475 Riverside Dr, Suite 1606
New York, NY 10115

I am a lay employee, commissioned pastor or non-RCA ordained minister (and non-formula of agreement) and I want to enroll in the RCA 403(b) Retirement Program.

Lay employees, commissioned pastors and non-RCA ordained ministers are eligible to participate in the Reformed Church in America 403(b) Retirement Program when serving an RCA church or institution with the written authorization of their employer.

In order for us to set up a Fidelity account, BOBS needs some basic information. Please complete and have your employer sign the Participant Information Form and return it to our office. For security reasons, return the form to us either by fax or mail. You will be automatically enrolled in a retirement age target Fidelity Freedom Fund. Once enrolled, you will be able to change your investment options if you choose. Fidelity will contact you with instructions on how to complete the enrollment process (complete personal contact information, designate beneficiaries, elect salary deferral contributions, etc.). BOBS staff will notify your employer that you are enrolled and they can begin making contributions on your behalf. 

In addition, contributions made for lay, commissioned and non-RCA ordained employees must be consistent with the RCA 403(b) Adoption Agreement filed by the church/employer. If the church needs to complete or update the RCA 403b Adoption Agreement, using the Adoption Agreement Instructions and submit a copy to our office. The church should maintain the original for their records.

I want to defer part of my salary to maximize my retirement readiness. Access your account online at:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on the account balance.
  3. Click the RCA 403(B) Quick Links drop down menu
  4. Click “Contribution Amount”
  5. Click “Contribution Amount and Catch-up Contributions”
  6. Make your salary deferral contribution elections 
  7. Click “Change Contribution Amount” 

Fidelity will transmit your salary deferral election to the BOBS office and we will report your election(s) to your treasurer or payroll person.

I want to set up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/direct deposit for my recurring retirement distributions. 

You may set up EFT to have your distributions directly deposited into your bank account by accessing your account on NetBenefits at or by contacting Fidelity at 800-343-0860. 

I am currently employed, at least 59.5 years of age but not yet retired. I would like to withdraw a portion of my RCA 403(b) Retirement Program. You may withdraw or rollover up to 100 percent of your employee contributions.

A participant may, at any time and regardless of their age, request a withdrawal of all or a portion of their Rollover Contributions and Roth Rollover Contributions and any earnings thereon. 

You may initiate the distributions through NetBenefits at or by contacting Fidelity at 800-343-0860.

I am not yet 59.5 years of age, am currently experiencing financial hardship and need to request a one-time distribution. 

The RCA 403(b) Retirement Program plan document lists the various circumstances under which a hardship distribution is available. Reference Section 7.10 of the plan document beginning on page 22:

You may initiate a hardship request through NetBenefits at or by contacting Fidelity at 800-343-0860.

I need to take a loan.

You may initiate a loan request through NetBenefits at  or by contacting Fidelity at 800-343-0860.

I need to update my beneficiary forms. 

You may designate or change your beneficiaries through NetBenefits at or by contacting Fidelity at 800-343-0860.

I am retiring or leaving my employer and want to begin distributions from my RCA 403(b) Retirement Program. 

The BOBS office will need confirmation of your date of retirement or termination from your employer before you are eligible for retirement or termination distributions. Once the information is received, We will update your account status in the Fidelity system, you can initiate your distributions (installments, partial or full payout, partial or full rollover) through NetBenefits at or by contacting Fidelity at 800-343-0860. 

Your distribution options are listed here.

I am retired or no longer work for an RCA employer and want to change the amount of my distribution.

You may initiate the distribution amount change through NetBenefits at or by contacting Fidelity at 800-343-0860.

I am retired or terminated and want to rollover my balance. 

You may initiate a rollover of your balance through NetBenefits at or by contacting Fidelity at 800-343-0860.

My marital status has changed.

I am now divorced and the Judgment of Divorce calls for a division of assets in the RCA Retirement Program. Click here for more information.

I have questions about the plans.

To get your questions answered, contact Thos Shipley at or at

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