Bertalan Tamas

About Bertalan Tamas

The Reformed Church in Hungary is one of the largest Reformed communions in the world, but its congregations are still recovering from the oppression of the communist era. Because of political and religious restrictions under communism, many churches were only able to minister inside their own buildings. Now, more than 20 years after Hungary gained freedom from communism, Bertalan Tamás helps Hungarian pastors to develop a new sense of mission in their congregations. He also helps North American missionaries, including Dick and Carolyn Otterness, to work as effectively as possible in a culture very different from that of North America. Bertalan also works with Hungarian churches that want to establish one-to-one partnerships with congregations in North America. Before becoming an RCA missionary, Bertalan pastored several Hungarian congregations and served as an ecumenical officer for the Reformed Church in Hungary.

Bertalan serves in partnership with the Reformed Church in Hungary.

Location: Hungary
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