Bible Sunday

Bible Sunday, celebrated on the Sunday before American Thanksgiving, was founded in 1915 by the American Bible Society. It's a celebration that focuses on the place of the Scriptures in our daily lives; it's also a time to support Bible distribution efforts all over the world.

Visit the United Bible Societies website. You'll find lists of ongoing Bible translation projects, completed translation projects, stories about the impact of Bible translation projects around the world, and specific prayer requests.

The national United Bible Societies websites are (the American Bible Society) and (the Canadian Bible Society).

Ideas for celebrating Bible Sunday (and National Bible Week, which begins on Bible Sunday):

  • Distribute free Bibles in your communities. Reach out to your neighbors and community leaders. Witnessing to others about God will reinforce the theme of National Bible Week.
  • Host a weekend Bible camp for students. Most students are out of school for Thanksgiving and this gives them an opportunity to learn about the Bible while fellowshipping with their peers.
  • Use At Home with the Word, an Advent-to-Advent schedule of lectionary readings.
  • Support RCA missionaries involved with Bible translation and recording. You can offer financial support or send letters of encouragement.

General prayer suggestions:

  • Pray for Bible translators and translation projects.
  • Pray for teachers of Scripture (pastors, Sunday school teachers, etc.).
  • Pray for those who don't have the Bible in their own language.
  • Pray that God will speak to people as they read the Bible.