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Reformed Answers to the Big Questions

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Not sure what being a Christian is all about? Hopefully our answers to the following questions will help. If not, please send us an email at or, better yet, track down a local RCA pastor by using our church finder resource. He or she would love to talk with you!


Who is God?

God is not distant or hidden from us but wants us to be known personally.

What is Faith?

Faith is more than just saying that God is real.

What is Sin?

We can't really know God without understanding sin.

What is Salvation?

It sounds too good to be true. It sounds too easy.

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

In the sacrifice of Jesus' crucifixion we are shown the depths of God's love for us.

What is the Church?

In the Bible, "church" never refers to a building.

How Do I Become a Christian?

Christian living involves a transformation of our whole lives out of gratitude to God.