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Church Giving

Church Giving FAQs

Will my donation be applied to my PIM share?

Yes, if the fund you select matches an active pledge on the church’s account then the donation will be applied to the pledge for that church.  This match will not be indicated on the emailed receipt, however you can contact Global Missions at any time to receive a statement with the remaining balance of your PIM share.

Will I still receive a paper receipt?

Gifts given online are provided with an email receipt. If you would like a paper receipt for this gift please contact

What if my church isn't listed?

Could your church be listed under another zip code? If you are unable to find your church in the “Select your church” field we apologize. Please call our finance department at (616) 541-0835 to make a gift over the phone.

What if I'm paying with my personal Credit Card?

If you’re paying with a personal credit card we encourage you to use our individual giving form located at

This form is intended for giving by an RCA Church with a business Credit Card or ACH account.

How do I know which funds we have active PIM shares for?

Please check with your church’s treasurer to see what funds have been given to in the past. If you still need help contact our Global Mission Staff and we’d be happy to help figure that out.