One Sunday


Pentecost Sunday—also known as One Sunday—is June 9, 2019.

One Sunday is an intentional opportunity to live out the call of Pentecost: spreading the gospel to unreached places. Church plants often reach people and places that established churches can’t. One Sunday is a way for your church to connect with a church plant so that you can support each other through prayer, partnership, giving, and more. By building up one another, we live out the call of Pentecost.

In the past, the goal of One Sunday has been to raise money. This year, we are reinventing what we do. We have a new goal: to help churches and church plants build long-lasting relationships and connections.

Download resources for spreading the word about One Sunday in your congregation:

One Sunday logo:

Breakwater Church
John Alwood loves church planting, especially watching people grow into leaders and deepen the ministry of the church.

House of Grace
Church planter Jose Camilo is thrilled when he sees God transforming families.

Rectify Church
Former inmates find community and discipleship at Rectify, a church plant in Allegan, Michigan.

Renew Church
As a church planter in Cleveland, Pete Pinkowski sees churches and denominations set aside their differences to reach out to their city. The impact is powerful.

Breakwater Church - Spanish
John Alwood ama plantar iglesias, sobre todo cuando ve a la gente que se convierten en líderes y profundizan en el ministerio de la iglesia.

House of Grace - Spanish
José Camilo, fundador de iglesias, está encantado cuando ve como Dios transforma familias.

Rectify Church - Spanish
Ex prisioneros encuentran una comunidad y discipulado en Rectify, una iglesia plantada en Allegan, Michigan.

Renew Church - Spanish
Como plantador de iglesias en Cleveland, Pete Pinkowski ve como las iglesias y denominaciones ponen a un lado sus diferencias para alcanzar la ciudad. El impacto es de gran alcance.