Dick & Donna Swart

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About Dick & Donna Swart

Dick Swart was born in Ethiopia to RCA missionaries, Bob and Morrie Swart, who ministered among the Geleb (Daasanech) people along the Omo River. His wife, Donna, moved to Ethiopia with her family when she was in the fifth grade; her parents, Ray and Effie Giles, were missionaries with the Christian Missionary Fellowship. After serving as missionaries in Kenya, Dick and Donna returned to Ethiopia, where the Daasanech people still remembered Dick’s parents. Dick and Donna minister to the Daasanech through a windmill project that enables the people to irrigate their fields, grind grain, and sharpen garden tools. They also help provide for health needs through immunizations and prenatal care, and carry out evangelistic outreach.

The Swarts work in partnership with Kale Hiwot National Church of Ethiopia.

Location: Ethiopia


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