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Everybody Belongs, Everybody Serves

Disability Concerns volunteers and paid staff help churches become healthier communities by engaging people with disabilities in their life and ministry. Please contact us if you would like assistance for your congregation.

A coordinator and a part-time administrative assistant comprise the paid staff. Their work is multiplied by a network of hundreds of volunteers who serve individual churches as church advocates, and who serve entire classes as regional advocates.

Disability Concerns committees in various regions across North America support the work of the regional advocates and partner with other related ministries. We work closely with the Christian Reformed Church in North America Disability Concerns ministry through networking, communications, training events, resource development, etc. Additional partners in ministry include Friendship Ministries, All Belong, Christian Horizons, Joni and Friends, and others.

Quick Facts

  • Disability Concerns communicates with churches primarily through our network of volunteers, and also through our newsletter, Breaking Barriers, our website, The Network, and a Facebook page.
  • Studies by the U.S. Census and Statistics Canada indicate that about 20 percent of their populations live with at least one disability. That translates to almost 50,000 RCA people—or 20 out of every 100 people in your church—who live day in and day out with a disability.