Coaching in the RCA

Coaching is the process of coming alongside a person to help that person discover God’s agenda for his or her life and ministry while seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance to see that the agenda becomes a reality.

Why is coaching valuable?

A coaching relationship helps you listen to God about where change is needed and then equips and empowers you to make the necessary changes. Coaching is a way to help leaders know God—and to stay intimately connected to God—so that they abide in God and bear fruit, as John 15 says.

With the help of a coach, church leaders can more faithfully and effectively lead their congregations.

Who should have a coach?

In the RCA, coaches are available for pastors and other church ministry staff. In order for a congregation to have vibrant ministry, its leaders must be spiritually healthy. A coach can help a pastor lead his or her church toward loving God more deeply and following Jesus in mission.

Connect with a coach

Email for a list of coaches and help finding a coach who is a good fit for you.

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