She Is Called Leadership Collaboratives

Grow your leadership gifts in community

Leadership does not happen in isolation. It involves followers. Jesus himself had 12 disciples, as well as crowds of 4,000 and 5,000 men and women who were part of his ministry on earth.

Leadership development does not happen in isolation either. It requires community, connection, collaboration, and commitment. It means embarking on a journey with others who can help encourage, equip and empower you in your growth as a leader.

The Women’s Transformation & Leadership (WTL) She is Called Leadership Collaborative (LC) is a one-year small group of eight to twelve women who commit to grow as spiritual leaders by exploring their gifts and discovering their leadership calling within their own unique ministry context. Meetings are in person or by video conference, depending on the location of participants.

The She is Called Leadership Collaborative focuses on three significant areas:


  • Personal leadership: At the heart of leadership is the ability to lead one’s own life. All leaders must first learn to lead themselves before leading others.
  • Organizational leadership: Every leader must exercise the competencies of leadership. Leadership skills can be learned and developed as one grows as a leader in community.
  • Multiplying leadership: The point is not to accumulate more followers but to develop more leaders. Leaders raise up other leaders, helping nurture their gifts and abilities to serve.

The one-year process includes:

  • Monthly video Zoom conference (2 hours each)
  • Monthly peer coaching pairs/triads with outline provided (2-3 hours personal prep; 90 minutes of coaching)
  • In Person Retreat (around month 6)

Current opportunities

2020 Great Lakes She Is Called Leadership Collaborative:

Information sheet for the Great Lakes area event

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The Biblically-grounded curriculum explores the following:

  • Personal Leadership
    • Month 1 Life focus: Where has God called you?
    • Month 2 Beliefs and Values: How will you journey?
    • Month 3 Priorities: Where will you focus your energy?
    • Month 4 Relationships: Who will journey with you?
    • Month 5 Accountability: What support do you need?
    • Month 6 Transformation: How will you grow in Christ?

    In-Person Retreat: Self-care: Being a Female Leader

    Organizational Leadership

    • Month 7 Trust: How can you fully put your trust in God?
    • Month 8 Vision: Where is God leading you?
    • Month 9 Embracing Change: Where is God inspiring change?

    Multiplying Leadership

    • Month 10 The Current Reality: How do you support and empower leaders?
    • Month 11 Delivery Systems: How can you develop and build new leaders?
    • Month 12 LC Journey in Review: A look back to go forward!
This initiative is part of Transformed & Transforming, the RCA's 15-year vision for ministry.
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