Felipe and Janelle deWaard-Silva

About Felipe and Janelle deWaard-Silva

Since the fall of communism, Romania has been putting itself back together. However, there is still significant government corruption, a lack of trust, and skepticism that hard work, courage, and perseverance can pay off.

Felipe and Janelle deWaard-Silva have been called to work with Roma youth in the Jiu Valley to build trust, perseverance, character, and courage through rock climbing. Roma people are heavily discriminated against. And Dallas, the neighborhood closest to their gym, is one of the poorest in the valley. Many parents move away to find work but leave their children behind in Dallas. These children receive little education and have to beg or steal to make ends meet.

Felipe and Janelle's ministry provides youth in Dallas with an environment where they can experience safety and respect, develop life skills and character, pursue education, and come to know the love of Christ. 

Location: Romania

Videos of Felipe and Janelle deWaard-Silva

Romania - Climbing Gym
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