Assessments: a snapshot

Every year, RCA churches contribute a set amount of money per church member to the denomination. These are called assessments.

The word assessment sounds a little nerve-wracking, like you’re back in school and have to take a test, but don’t worry. There are no tests. Assessments are actually really helpful! They make all kinds of ministry possible.

With assessments, the RCA is able to equip churches—that means you, too—for ministry and to care for the pastors who serve it. Whether a church is just beginning or has been around for centuries, assessments help us to live and love like Jesus in more vibrant, faithful ways.

2017 assessment: $53.75 per member

$53.75 x 138,549 RCA members = $7,447,008.75


Want to know how that gets broken out?

In 2016, each dollar was spent this way:

Here are a handful of specific ways that assessments make ministry possible for your church, for your pastor, and for you.

  1. You can head to seminary to learn how to lead a church.
  2. You can plant a church in a city where few people know Jesus.
  3. You can join a learning community to get energy, ideas, and support as you share God's love with your neighbors.
  4. Our leaders come together each year at General Synod to set the direction of the denomination.
  5. Your pastor can join a leadership collaborative to share ideas with other pastors and church leaders.
  6. You can go on a Faithwalking retreat with your church to deepen your relationship with God.
  7. You can get help planning your next mission trip.
  8. You can love your childhood pastor by caring for her in retirement.
  9. Your church can respond to mass incarceration using resources developed by a special task force.