Find a Coach

Are you an RCA minister or church staff member looking for a coach to help you thrive in ministry? We can point you in the right direction.

There are two levels of coaches in the RCA. The first is self-directed coaching, which is the standard form of coaching in the RCA. Coaches will ask powerful questions to help you hear the Spirit’s leading and become “un-stuck” in the issue(s) you are facing. The second level of coaching is called catalytic coaching, and it is primarily used in Transformed & Transforming learning communities. This style of coaching is based around one central topic, and coaches will hold learning community participants accountable to reach their goals and process learning experiences.

For self-directed coaching, the RCA will help match you with an available coach. However, you don’t have to partner with the first coach suggested—if it’s not a good fit, we can help you find someone else. If you aren’t sure what to look for in a coach, take a look at our How To Find the Right Coach document for some helpful tips.

Because coaching is primarily done over the telephone, geographic proximity to a coach is not an issue.

Self-directed coaching

Coaches in the RCA have completed a one-year process called Foundational Coach Training, which gives them the basic skills and experience to coach others. They are available to coach one or two people on a volunteer basis. If you have questions about setting up a coaching relationship or are interested in becoming a coach, please email

Catalytic coaching

Catalytic coaches are available through participation in a learning community. If you are participating in one already and have not been assigned a coach, please contact the facilitator of your learning community. (Want to find a learning community that fits your congregation? Head to

Qualified multiplication coaches

Qualified multiplication coaches have received additional coaching training from the RCA Church Multiplication team. This prepares them to coach church planters and parenting churches through the unique challenges and opportunities that come with planting a new church. For more information, or to find a coach in this area, please email