Gary & Denise Abbas

About Gary & Denise Abbas

Gary and Denise Abbas work in the two Sepik Provinces of the country of Papua New Guinea.  Over 215 different languages are spoken in this region of the country with half yet without any translated Scripture in their mother tongue.

Gary and Denise provide support for Wycliffe Bible translators within this area by managing the Sepik Regional Center for Wycliffe.  This training facility also has a 64 bed guest house.

Their ministry also involves the directing and active participation of an innovative new project called the Sepik Partnership Engagement Strategy.  They are currently working with over 25 different remote language communities; engaging, building relationships, using multiple methods of translation and training to achieve Scripture impact with the Sepik people of Papua New Guinea.

Gary and Denise Abbas work in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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