Giving: Frequently Asked Questions

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What do our assessment dollars fund?

Assessment dollars fund much of the important infrastructure costs associated with operating our denomination, along with a portion of program related resources. Examples of infrastructure costs include, but are not limited to, funding for General Synod, the general secretary's office, information technology, and communication resources such as the website and RCA Today magazine. Program resources include the Office of Women's Ministries, the racial-ethnic councils, and a small portion of the leadership, revitalization, and church multiplication areas.

Assessment dollars cover a lot of services and resources, but they don't cover everything. In fact, assessment dollars make up only 33 percent of the RCA's budget. Aside from what's contributed by a few investment funds, the rest of the RCA's budget is raised through the generosity of people like you.

May I designate my gift to a specific ministry area?

Yes, you may select any area of ministry that is currently associated with the RCA's work. If you are interested in supporting a specific ministry area, but are unsure about where it is lodged in the RCA, you are invited to contact Alex DeWaal at (800) 968-3943, ext. 308, or email for additional information.

What will my gift to the RCA support?

Unless designated for a specific ministry area, your gifts to the RCA support the RCA Ministry Fund, which provides resources for the program side of our denominational work. This includes areas such as coaching networks for pastors and leaders, evaluation and training for new church start pastors, resources for children and youth such as Children in Worship and Project Timothy, discipleship ministries, and so much more. As assessments only provide for 33 percent of the RCA's operational budget, individual gifts to the RCA are vitally important to furthering the work of your denomination.