Giving Thanks

By September 21, 2015 No Comments

Third Reformed Church in Pella, Iowa, blesses God for many gifts.

By Kevin Korver

Third Reformed Church blesses God for many gifts

This summer, we at Third Reformed Church of Pella, Iowa, gave thanks.

Why? Because Katie Peterson was approved and commissioned to serve as a commissioned pastor. Her commissioning is evidence of our mission statement: “sending servant-hearted disciples with a passion for Jesus into the world.” Katie began her journey in study and training here eight years ago with the support of her family and of Third.

On a Sunday in June, she read her declaration of commitment to Christ and to serving in ways that make for unity, purity, and peace in his body; she spoke her vows of commitment in the midst of the body during worship; she heard the body’s promises to her as commissioned pastor; and she received their prayers as they laid hands on her and surrounded her. 

We also give thanks for the work God is doing through our strategic plan, “Seeking. Sharing. Treasure.” As we seek to share the treasure of the gospel, we are seeking to grow gospel sharers. We are offering training for lay preachers; helping children, youth, and adults grow as “apprentices following in the footsteps of the Rabbi”; and increasing our capacity for prayer by thanking God for his goodness to his whole body on earth and by praying for us as his servants in the world.