Amos Limo Liang'or

  • Compassion and justice

Amos Limo Liang’or grew up among the Pokot people along the Kenya/Uganda border. Because he contracted polio and was unable to help with work at home, he was the only one of his family’s 12 children to attend school. Amos became interested in medicine when he learned that polio can be prevented through immunization. He currently works as a nurse at the Pokot Health Centre in the village of Alale. He says, “As a nurse, I am concerned with more than just my patients’ physical well-being.” The Pokot rely on the clinic for health services. There they receive prenatal care, immunizations, volunteer counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS, family planning counseling, and treatment for malaria, cholera, broken bones, minor wounds, and other ailments. Amos serves in partnership with the Africa Inland Church.

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Give to Alale Girls' Secondary School Scholarships - Kenya
A day in the life of a Pokot girl typically includes fetching water, cooking with their mothers, and tending to the house. With the large possibility of experiencing female genital mutilation and entering into early child marriage, the thought of primary school and especially secondary school is almost impossible. In partnership with The Africa Inland Church, you can provide scholarships to help Pokot girls have access to education. In addition to tuition assistance, you provide families of the students with a biblical-based knowledge of valuing girls and the importance of education for all children.
Give to Pokot Scholarships - Kenya
Christianity is growing tremendously in Sub-Saharan Africa. But to strengthen the church, the need for training and equipping indigenous leaders is at an all-time high. Your gift equips evangelists and church pastors to advance the church planting movement and strengthen the church in discipleship, outreach, and witness among the Pokot people in western Kenya. Scholarships are also offered to nurses in training.
Give to Pokot Wells Project, Kenya
Your gift will provide the funds to dig wells so that the Pokot people have clean water.
Give to Pokot Ambulance in Kenya
The nearest hospital to the remote and impoverished Pokot people is 80 kilometers away, which can take up to 6 hours to reach on the rough remote roads. Oftentimes individuals with major wounds, women in labor, or fatally sick patients are at risk of dying before reaching proper emergency care. Your gift to purchase a new ambulance will provide a reliable vehicle for transport and greatly enhance the quality of healthcare available to the Pokot people.
Give to Healthcare for the Pokot - Kenya
Without access to basic prenatal and health care, many Pokot women and children die in childbirth or from other treatable diseases. The Africa Inland Church’s clinic provides basic quality healthcare and health education for the underserved Pokot community in Kenya. Your gift provides services including prenatal care, immunizations, counseling, and a variety of basic healthcare.

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