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Bob and Amy Abel

  • Compassion and justice

Book a dinner reservation, text a friend, say a prayer—these are all things you can do in 30 seconds. In that same amount of time, two children are sold for the first time into sex slavery. That adds up to 3,300 per day and 1.2 million sold each year. The only way to combat those numbers is through prevention. Remember Nhu provides freedom for children around the world by ending the supply of vulnerable children for the sex trade. Through the gospel, the children also receive freedom for eternity.

Bob Abel provides direction for Remember Nhu missionary staff, including pastoral care, new missionary transition, discipleship support, and leadership development. Remember Nhu currently operates in 16 countries through 100 homes for children, preventing 2,000 children from entering the sex trade.  

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To understand Nhu’s story is to understand in a profound and beautiful way, the heart of God

Finding light in the darkness while reflecting on COVID-19 and human trafficking

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