Latin America

Bob Oliveira

  • Evangelism and church planting
  • Education and leadership development

In the expansive Amazon River basin, groups of people live in remote villages accessible only by boat. Their interactions with other parts of the world are minimal. This also means that access to proper medical care and to the gospel is almost nonexistent. Even deeper into the Amazon are indigenous villages, completely isolated. They are “the forgotten people.” 

RCA Global Mission has partnered with the Presbyterian Church of Manaus (IPManaus) in Brazil to use riverboats for medical mission and evangelism to reach people along the Amazon River. Together, we will plant 100 churches. We will also train 100 Brazilian missionaries and send them throughout Brazil. Bob, who was born in Recife, Brazil, serves as a bridge-builder between IPManaus and partner churches and donors in North America. Bob wants Christians in Brazil and North America to work together to ignite church multiplication and transform communities along the Amazon through word and deed. 

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Give to Missionary Student Scholarships - Brazil
To provide theological & biblical training through Western Theological Seminary in order to prepare IPM missionaries for service as RCA mission partner personnel in Manaus, Brazil
Give to Medical Doctor Support - Brazil
The Presbyterian Church in Manaus (IPManaus) has identified an urgent need for a second doctor for the medical boat hospital. Gifts to this fund will provide the salary for another doctor to help treat the more than 9,300 patients per year served by the medical boat. The boat travels deep into the Amazon Rainforest to visit villages that have no medical facilities and to share the love of Jesus.

A Day on the Medical Mission Boat

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