North America

Brian & Elizabeth Bruxvoort

  • Evangelism and church planting
  • Compassion and justice

After all of the diagnostic tests are complete, Brian climbs into the small cockpit of his airplane. He checks all of his controls one last time before he’s ready to navigate the uncertain Alaskan weather. Today’s flight consists of village pastors on their way to a discipleship retreat. In a state with over 200 villages without road systems, aviation is the only way to efficiently move across Alaska, and it is often the only way small village churches have any connection with a larger faith community.

Brian and Elizabeth Bruxvoort work in partnership with the Mission Aviation Repair Center, where they provide transportation for pastors, missionaries, Bible camps, and various other ministries that bring the hope of Christ to remote Alaskan villages. Whether they are transporting passengers or providing maintenance service for other missionaries’ or pastors’ planes, the Bruxvoorts’ goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in all of their work.

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