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Sweat drips down Craig’s forehead even at 7:00 a.m. as he makes his way to the hangar for a preflight inspection. Days are hot and humid this close to the equator. Today, Craig’s delivering one ton of cargo, including books and farming tools, to a village in interior Borneo. Later, he’ll transport a small group of pastors across the island. In between those flights, Craig might make an emergency medical evacuation flight.

As a pilot and mechanic for Mission Aviation Fellowship, Craig’s daily schedule is consistent—pilot a small plane around the island nation of Indonesia—but the nature of the flights is myriad. He flies pastors, missionaries, doctors, government officials, people who are sick or injured, and cargo like food, animals, Bibles, educational materials, and building supplies. Yet the purpose of each flight is the same: to serve inhabitants of the world’s largest Muslim nation in the name of Jesus Christ.

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