Hannah Kummer

  • Compassion and justice

Rome, the Eternal City, once the epicenter of an empire, is still a place of power and a platform of influence across the globe. Some find their way to Rome to wander the cobblestone streets in awe of historic architecture telling of times past; others journey there on a pilgrimage to pursue the origins of christendom. Others still find themselves in this city, not as tourists at all but as bewildered sojourners seeking safe harbor. These are the new arrivals Hannah will meet, as an ally, to engage those who come to Italy as refugees and migrants, walking alongside them as they settle.

Hannah serves as a case manager for Mediterranean Hope, a ministry program of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy that mobilizes the church and community to welcome sojourners in their midst. Hannah helps with safe travel, legal avenues of entry, and successful integration of refugees who are settling in Italy. She also helps coordinate legal aid and resources for displaced asylum seekers in Rome.

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