Jeremy & Susan Beebout

  • Evangelism and church planting
  • Compassion and justice

Beyond the gates of the compound stretches a busy dirt road bordered by small shops, a warehouse, and many worn down mud-brick houses. This is just one corner of Niamey, Niger’s capital, where its one million residents are daily confronted with the challenges of climate, unemployment, and lack of basic necessities including food and basic health care. The compound is home to CADR, the development office of the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger. Clinique Olivia is part of CADR, as well as a new nursing school and a guesthouse. The Beebouts work at CADR and at Clinique Olivia, which provides affordable healthcare to folks from all over the country who regularly battle with recurrent malaria, diarrhea, and respiratory infections. The clinic and CADR staff have created a welcoming community where health issues and other challenges, life stories, and faith in God are shared.

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Since 2009, RCA’s partner the Evangelical Church of Niger has provided quality healthcare to the poor and undeserved people in their community. Via healthcare, this ministry seeks to conduct holistic Christian outreach and witness to their neighbors. Under leadership of RCA Missionary Dr. Susan Beebout and the medical ministry team, there is currently one clinic operating, but there is a great need for another clinic in the remote area of Dogon Dutchi.
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Check out all the CADR ministries in action! You can see Clinique Olivia through a normal consultation day.

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