North America

Mescalero Reformed Church

  • Evangelism and church planting

Mescalero Reformed Church is nestled in the mountains of south-central New Mexico. Here, children chase each other in front of the church and stir up dust as they race around, laughing. This is a safe place for them to just be kids. Between the afterschool programming, youth group, and the busy summer VBS and community activities, the church is often a beacon of light in the beautiful land of the Mescalero Apache Tribe. Many in this tribe are plagued by alcohol and substance abuse, family dysfunction, and poverty with seemingly little hope of escape.

Mescalero is richly blessed with a wonderful cultural heritage. Mark Vellinga serves as the pastor for Mescalero Reformed Church, ministering to the community in a way that honors their Native American heritage and demonstrates how that heritage shapes their faith. Integrating Mescalero’s cultural heritage is key for effective ministry

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