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General Synod Council

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Mindful that the purpose of the Reformed Church in America, together with all other churches of Christ, is to minister to the total life of all people by preaching, teaching, and proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Son of God, and all Christian good works (Preamble to the Book of Church Order), the General Synod Council exists to encourage spiritual growth in the life and ministry of believers, to uphold good order and unity in the church, to enlarge, encourage and promote the mission of God in each continent and seek peace, justice and a healthy environment for all creation.

In carrying out its mandate under the direction of the General Synod, the General Synod Council is organized in a spirit of servanthood related to the needs of Reformed Church congregations, assemblies, agencies, and institutions. It carries out its responsibilities through such structures as are judged to be most appropriate and helpful in the fulfillment of its mandate.

It is guided by three RCA-specific documents: the Preamble to the Book of Church Order (referenced above), the Statement of Mission and Vision, and Transformed and Transforming, the ten-year goal of the denomination.

Information and Resources

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