1978 Report Summary to General Synod on Homosexuality

The first RCA report on homosexuality, entitled, "Homosexuality: A Biblical and Theological Appraisal" (MGS 1978, pp. 229-240), examined scriptural references to homosexuality, summed up the various possible interpretations (which in the case of the Old Testament references covered a broad spectrum of opinion), and concluded that "the Scripture's repeated endorsement of heterosexuality as the Creator's express intent is far more significant for our understanding than the few negative pronouncements concerning homosexuality." The report also stated that:

  • "Heterosexuality is not only normal; it is normative. Homosexual acts are contrary to the will of God for human sexuality."
  • "While avoiding simplistic and obnoxious social crusades, the church must affirm through its preaching and pastoral ministry that homosexuality is not an acceptable alternative lifestyle. God's gracious intent for human sexual fulfillment is the permanent bond of heterosexual love. This redemptive word must be spoken, with sensitivity, caring, and clarity to any person who would make a perverted sexual choice, and to society as a whole."
  • "It is one matter to affirm that self-chosen homosexual acts are sinful. It is quite another to reject, defame, and excoriate the humanity of the person who performs them. This distinction has often been missed. It is possible and necessary on biblical grounds to identify homosexuality as a departure from God's intent. However...there are no theological grounds on which a homosexual may be singled out for a greater measure of judgement. All persons bear within them the marks of the fall."
  • "The denial of human and civil rights to homosexuals is inconsistent with the biblical witness and Reformed theology."