Homosexuality: Seeking the Guidance of the Church

Homosexuality: Seeking the Guidance of the Church, first made available in early 1998, was developed through a church-wide process guided by actions of previous General Synods and overseen by the Office of Christian Education and Faith Development. Its goal was then, and remains today, defined by the General Synod this way:

to enable RCA congregations, classes, and regional synods more fully to fulfill the 1994 General Synod's call to repentance, prayer, learning and growth in ministry to and with persons of homosexual orientation.

Since the study guide was first released, the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America has continued to address issues and recommendations related to the contents of this guide and its subject matter. And the issue of homosexuality, especially as it relates to leadership in the church, has continued to demand the church's attention.

This revised version of the study guide adds to the appendix additional actions of the General Synod related to homosexuality since 1998. Not every overture or discussion of General Synod that mentions the word "homosexuality" is included in this guide; rather, the focus is on key reports and conclusions of General Synod.

While these actions can further illumine our understanding and study of this matter, they do not substantively alter the content or direction of previous actions of the General Synod or of the study guide itself. The guide remains useful even in the current climate as a guide for the discernment of the full church.

Note: General Synod 2016 voted against reparative/reorientation therapy and called for all references to such therapy to be removed from the RCA website. This study guide has been updated accordingly and the appendix has been removed.