Jeremy & Susan Beebout

About Jeremy & Susan Beebout

Medical and agricultural development needs are extreme in Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world. Niger has only a rudimentary health system, so disease is widespread, and the country is always teetering on the edge of famine.

Jeremy and Susan Beebout work with the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger (EERN) to build ministry programs, enabling Nigerien Christians to share Christ's love with the people of Niger by addressing their health and agricultural needs.

Jeremy, an agronomist, works with agricultural development efforts. Susan, who is a doctor, helps develop the church's health ministries. The couple has four children, Lydia, Eliza, Abigail, and Benjamin.

The Beebouts serve in partnership with Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger.

Location: Niger

Videos of Jeremy & Susan Beebout

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