The Jesse Tree: Complete Guide and Toolkit

A Jesse Tree is a way of preparing for Advent by journeying through the stories on Jesus’s family tree. Each day of Advent, read a Bible story about someone on Jesus’s family tree and hang an ornament symbolizing the story on your Jesse Tree. As you decorate your tree, you’ll see how God prepared for Jesus to be born through many generations. Here’s a list of recommended Jesse Tree symbols and Bible passages.


The Biblical Origins of Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree tradition is rooted in Isaiah 11:1: "A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots." Jesse was the father of David, Israel's greatest king. And Jesus is descended from the line of David. He is the branch God promised would grow from Jesse’s family tree. Each symbol represents a story from within this family tree and a step toward the birth of Jesus. 

See a complete list of Jesse Tree symbols and Scripture readings.


Jesse Tree Ornaments

Use our printable set of 29 Jesse Tree ornaments for your Jesse Tree. The ornaments are available to color yourself or pre-colored, and you can choose from two different sizes. Also on this page: ideas for how to make your Jesse Tree.


Personal Devotions

These daily devotions inspired by the Jesse Tree are designed for adults (or teenagers) who want to prepare for the birth of Christ by journeying through the stories in Jesus's family. You can print them out or view them online.

Download the personal devotions.


Family Devotions

Read these (printable) devotions with kids to show them how God prepared for Jesus's birth for many generations. If your family is making a Jesse Tree, the devotions can help you explain the meaning behind the symbols to younger family members.

Download the family devotions.



Jesse Tree Symbols and Bible Stories

A complete list of Jesse Tree Bible stories and symbols to represent them on your tree.

Printable Jesse Tree Ornaments

Use these printable Jesse Tree ornaments as part of your family's Jesse Tree tradition. Plus, ideas for making your Jesse Tree.

Jesse Tree Photo Challenge

Celebrate Advent on Instagram through photos that reflect the daily Jesse Tree readings.

Jesse Tree Advent Devotions

Let these devotions, structured around the Jesse Tree theme, guide you through Advent to Christmas. 

Jesse Tree Family Devotions

These family devotions can be used with or without Jesse Tree symbols. 

Jesse Tree: Intergenerational Advent Event

 Offer an intergenerational activity to help church members prepare to celebrate Advent and Christmas.

Additional Jesse Tree Resources

Go in-depth with the Jesse Tree using one of these additional resources.

Celebre Adviento con un árbol de Isaí

Como cristianos, queremos que nuestro enfoque esté en Cristo, no en lo comercial o en las muchas actividades que trae el estar listo para navidad. Hay muchas maneras de prepararse para navidad. Una manera es por medio de un árbol de Isaí.