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Order for Recognition of Ministries in the Church

This order is appropriate for recognizing those who contribute their time and talents to the various ministries of the congregation, including education, worship, witness, service, stewardship, and care.

After the sermon and the prayer for blessing on the Word, in the Response to God, the presiding minister shall begin:

Beloved in the Lord,
Christ alone is the source of all Christian ministry,
through the ages calling men and women to serve.

By the Holy Spirit all who believe and are baptized receive a ministry
to witness to Jesus as Savior and Lord, and
to love and serve those with whom they live and work.
We are ambassadors for Christ
who reconciles and makes whole.
We are the salt of the earth;
we are the light of the world.

Baptized into Christ,
we all are called to offer ourselves in thanksgiving
to the Lord of the Church.
It is our privilege to recognize and support
those who are engaged in the work of (name of ministry)
here at N______________________ Church.

A representative of the congregation may read a brief description of the ministry being recognized.

The persons engaged in this ministry stand; the minister addresses them:

Having offered yourselves
in the _______________ ministry of this congregation,
will you follow our Lord’s example of humble service?

Yes, with God’s help.

The congregation stands; the minister addresses the congregation:

Beloved people of God,
will you give your prayers, encouragement, and support
to this/these brother/s and sister/s
that they may serve with joy and not with grief?

We will.

The minister continues with the prayer appropriate to the ministry being recognized.

Let us pray.

Ministry of worship

God of grace and glory,
whom saints delight to worship in heaven and on earth,
bless the ministry of those serving as (ministry/position),
that we may know the joy of your presence
and may worship to the glory of your holy name.

Ministry of education

Almighty God,
source of wisdom and knowledge,
help us to study your Word diligently
and to grow in your love and in all that is good.
Support all who teach and all who learn,
that together we may know and do your will.

Ministry of witness

Lord God of our salvation,
it is your will that all people
might come to you through your Son, Jesus Christ.
Inspire our witness,
that all may know the power of your forgiveness
and the hope of the resurrection.

Ministry of service

God of love,
your Son washed the feet of the disciples,
as a sign of servanthood.
Uphold all who follow this example of humble service;
strengthen them in their faith.
Help us each to do faithful deeds of love and mercy.

Ministry of stewardship

Almighty God,
creator of heaven and earth,
we thank you for the many gifts
we receive from your bountiful hand.
Strengthen and encourage your servants
who call us to be stewards of all your gifts.
Move us to respond in gratitude
to your gracious goodness.

Ministry of care

God of compassion,
who sent Jesus, the Good Shepherd,
give these servants open hearts
that they may show your love and care,
in faithful ministry with your people.

And concluding:

For all who offer themselves in your name,
we give thanks, O God.
Help them trust
your constant care and guidance;
give them joy in serving.
Help us all to be both willing servants and
thankful recipients of ministry,
that your name may be glorified,
your people live in peace,
and your will be done,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Worship the Lord

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